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01. A Day in the Oriole Hotel Garden   02. A bicycle tour in the village  
03. Lunuganga-Geoffrey Bawa Estate   04. Beruwala Fishery Harbour  
05. Monday Fair in Aluthgama   06. Water sports in Bentota  
07. Temple Tour   08. Turtle Hatchery & a Boat ride  
09. Day Excursion to Galle   10. Day Excursion to Kandy  

  01. A Day in the Oriole Hotel Garden      

Discover the hotel garden for couple of hours will be a remarkable experience in your travel life. The hotel garden is fulfilled with a Tea, rubber & Cinnamon plantations & also spice & herbs, fruit & vegetable Gardens. The spice & the herbal garden also known as Hotel Kitchen garden. All the necessary spices to the hotel kitchen come from this Garden & no any chemicals use it. All the spices, herbs, fruits & the vegetables are growing under the Organic Food concept.

There you can acquire Sri Lankan traditional spices & lots of Ayurveda plants as well. In the Tea plantation you can get a tangible experience of how to pluck the tea with our tea pluckers & can test a fresh green tea from the garden tea. Also be an eye witness to how to tap rubber. See how to make the cinnamon spice from the fresh cinnamon steak to till it comes as spice. While things happening enjoy the birds flying here and there in the hotel garden.


  02. A bicycle tour in the village      

Is this the experience what you were looking for in Sri Lanka?

Hotel Oriole villa is situated in the country side of Bentota ( 7km away from the Beach) where you can find a typical village area to discover the way of life of the villagers. Throughout this cycle tour you can blend with the pure nature & be an onlooker for village paddy fields, village fair, schools, rural hospitals, rubber states, cinnamon gardens, tea gardens, cemetery, village temples and the its people as well.

  bik tour  

  03. Lunuganga-Geoffrey Bawa Estate      

Just 10min drive from the Hotel, you can find the Geoffrey Bawa Estate started in 1947. Geoffrey Bawa was one of the most significant and influential Asian architects of the twentieth century. One of his most conspicuous achievements is his own garden at Lunuganga.

Among his grand designs the Sri Lankan Parliament, Triton Hotel-Ahungalla, Ruhunu University, Mohotti Walauwa Hotel –Bentota, Bentota Beach Hotel, Light House Hotel –Galle, Kandalama Hotel ..etc are most widespread builds in Sri Lanka. Lunuganga Garden and the Geoffrey Bawa s monuments give an outstanding architectural value and deemed masterpieces of architecture and landscape in a global context. Enjoy the Garden tour with amazing landscaping & amusing panorama of Dedduwa Lake.


  04. Beruwala Fishery Harbour      

Just 20 min drive from the Hotel an early morning drive, you can find the Fishery Harbour in Beruwala where you can get a remarkable experience about the fishery industry of Sri Lankan people.

A walk around the Beruwala fishing port in the early morning affords the sight of fishermen offload the morning's catch from luminously colored outrigger canoes and fishing boats that has returned from night fishing in the deep sea and now lined up. Beruwala is a naturally protected area used by merchant vessels for hundreds of years as a port. Bye your best choice at the market & prepare it with our chef on your own desire.


  05. Monday Fair in Aluthgama      

Aluthgama is the nearest city to Oriole villa & just 15 min drive from the hotel. Every Monday, the streets in Aluthgama are dispersed with vendors as they prepare themselves to sell the freshest local produce and other trifling products that will make your head turn here & there. Have a walk through this extremelybouncing street & it will make your day with adding an impressive experience to your holiday calendar.

you’ll find the juiciest fruits, the crunchiest vegetables, cloth items, pottery items, sweets, spices & many more things. Indeed, it is a delightful event for photographers.

  Monday fair  

  06. Water Sports in Bentota      

Bentota is the key spot for water sports in Sri Lanka & the exclusive spot for surfers and jet skiers alike. Activities like Windsurfing, Surfing, Water skiing, Wakeboarding, body boarding, banana ride, tube ride, jet-ski, Deep Sea Fishing, River Fishing, Snorkelling, diving, river cruises are available on your desire. Inspire the day with adventure & relish your holiday on adventure fun at Bentotariver.

  water sports  

  07. Temple Tour      

Would you like to escape from the hectic beat of our daily life and find peace and quiet in a Buddhist monastery?

Would you like to learn about the rules of meditation from a Buddhist monk and discover the power of meditation?Are you interested in Buddhist teaching and in learning more about how monks live ?

• Galapatha Raja MahaVihare Buddhist temple is a very old Buddhist temple (12th century) in Bentota with stone inscriptions, and stone carvings.
• KandeVihare - This temple got its name "KandeViharaya" (temple on the hill), because it is located at a top of a hill. KandeViharaya Temple was established in year 1734 and became the regional Buddhist centre.Join us for an unforgettable experience in the day trip to the monastery!

  Buddhist temple  

  08. Turtle Hatchery & a Boat ride      

There are 7 species of turtles worldwide, 5 of which can be found in Sri Lanka. Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Loggerhead turtle, Olive ridley turtle, Leatherback turtle can be easy seen in the hatchery. Get a 15min drive to the hatchery & enjoy it.

Have a stunning boat ride at Bentota River & explore the mangrove paradise including fantastic flora & fauna in your surroundings.


  09. Day Excursion to Galle      

Just 60Km away from the hotel, Galle is one of the most leading cities in the Southern province. Galle is founded by the Portuguese in the 16th Century &the city was extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century from 1649 onwards. The Galle fort is a world heritage site and is the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by European inhabitants.

Enjoy with a boat ride in Madu River, Mask making factory in Ambalangoda, Natural Moonstone Mines in Meetiyagoda, corrals in Hikkaduwa on your way to Galle.


  10. Day Excursion to Kandy      

Kandy was the last capital in Sri Lanka & second largest city in the country after Colombo. Kandy is one of the world heritage sites in Sri Lanka declared by UNESCO& one of the most venerable places for the Buddhist community because of the Tooth Relic Temple. Peradeniya Botanical Garden will be an eye capture sight in this tour. Absorb the beauty of the city while shopping!

  Cinnamon Drink  

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